History of the Blood Ban in Canada

For decades, gay, bi and queer men have been excluded from being able to donate their blood. Many people have heard of the blood ban, but there are lots of questions about why it started and why it has lasted so long, despite all the other advances Canada has made for 2SGBTQ rights.  

For example, the Liberal government ran on a platform in 2015 that promised to end the blood ban and, years later, many felt very discouraged and confused by its continued existence. 

This section of this website is dedicated to providing you information on the history and what steps were taken to get to where we are today, as well as some information on what is still to come and how you can advocate for continued progress. We’ve also compiled information about how some other countries screen men who have sex with men. 

Pages in this Section:


Blood Ban Timeline 

Going Forward & Advocacy 

Policies Around the World